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Pieces of My Soul: I love all of you guys and I'm sorry for what you're about to read... Please don't hate me.



So you’re probably reading the title and thinking What the fuck do you mean? Well that question is going to be answered…

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Not that I know you or think it’s my place, but,

Follow your heart. If that doesn’t involve improv anymore than so be it. Don’t…

Thank you so much for giving me this advice! It really means a lot.. It made my day as well :) 

Everything’s Gonna Be Ok Ch. 9

Wow! Uh what can I say? I haven’t worked on this a while. Yeah probably a few (2) months… And I’m really sorry :( I’m going to finish this story though cause many people have been waiting for it… If you haven’t read this story or forgot about the story, read the last 8 chapters and you’ll understand it… Here are the last 8 chapters


(Sorry! I didn’t know how to put the links up.. so I put them like that sorry once again)

I’m sorry I haven’t been working on this fic as I was suppose to and the reason why is because I had writers block! Now I don’t which is good cause I now get to work on this and finish it :) I need to…. I have been working on new fics on a new website called Quotev and I’ve been writing Zak Bagans love stories.. Which has been giving me ideas :) I hope you enjoy the chapter and this is the wedding! Next chapter is After party and there’s a surprise at the end! Sorry giving lots away!… Enjoy! And I love you so much byes!

Rachel’s Pov

Today was the day! The day that I’ve been waiting for! I’m getting married to Chip… We actually wanted to wait a couple of months after the bachelorette party to get married because we thought we were rushing into it.. So we waited for two months. its now September and its the day! My baby bump is getting a bit bigger and we found out that its a girl! We don’t know what to name her yet! I want to name her Kimberly.. Or Katherine something like that.

I got into the room where I’m suppose to get dressed and smiled. Kim and the brides maids were there with their dresses on and they looked beautiful. They were wearing a short (knee high) aqua dress with one shoulder and sparkles.. I’m into sparkles … Kim is not but, its my big day and she’s dealing with it..

She squealed when she saw me and started to hug me. “Ready to get your dress on hun?” I nodded eagerly!

"I can’t believe you’re getting married to my bestest guy friend in the whole world" she said smiling like an idiot. I laughed and said

"I know! And I’m so happy… I wouldn’t of met him if it wasn’t for you! I’m just so happy!" She nodded and smiled

Kim’s Pov

"OK now! Heather and the girls help Rachel get her dress on and I’ll be back! I am gonna go check on the groom and the others" they nodded and dragged Rach to the dressing area.

I went out of the room and ran to the guy’s room. There is only 3 more hours till this wedding starts and I’m so nervous! Maybe more than Rach. I knocked on the door and someone said

"Come in unless it’s Kim" Jeff! I laughed and opened it

"Well that’s not how you talk to your girl friend mister" Jeff smiled and said "You know I’m kidding!" I nodded, walked over to him and said

"Where’s the groom Davis?"

"Oh! We’re on a last name basis now huh? Well Ms. Jones… Colin and Wayne have him.. He’s still getting ready!"

"Ok! I’m gonna go check on him" he nodded and started to fix his tie. I kissed his cheek and smiled. I went to where the dressing room was and opened the curtain.

"Boo!" I yelled. Wayne and Colin screamed while Chip just laughed. He doesn’t get scared easily… We always would scare each other in college and he would always win!

"You scared the shit outta me Kim" Wayne started and then Colin said

"Yeah! Jeez Kim don’t do that!" I laughed and smiled "Good to see you too guys" they did the same thing

"Can I talk to Chip alone guys?" They nodded and left…

"So…" He started

"So…" I did the same then said "Are you excited?"

"I’m nervous if that’s what you’re saying" I laughed and helped with his tie

"I’m happy for you… I really am, and you’re going to be a good husband and father"

"I know.. Thanks Kim! Even though were not together anymore… I still love you like a sister" I nodded and kissed his cheek

"I love you too Chip as a brother! You were my everything! I’m just- I can’t believe my best friend is getting married to my bestfriend/sister!" He laughed and smiled…

"I better get going! I have a girl walking down the Aisle in 2 hours… You get ready and I love you"

"I love you too Kim!" I hugged him and he hugged back "I’m going to miss you so so much"

"Me too… Me too" he said. We pulled away and I walked to the other room. When I opened the door I saw a beautiful girl in a long ball gown white dress. it had ruffles and it was strapless. I was speechless, she’s so beautiful

"Holy Fudging crap you look beautiful" I said while walking in and closing the door.

"Thank you! Hey there’s someone here for to see you Well I already saw him but he wanted to say hi" I nodded and saw My Brother?!

"Oh my goodness Max?" He nodded and I started to cry. I ran over to him and hugged him. I haven’t seen him in years cause he was in the army..

"I can’t believe you’re here Max"

"Don’t cry! I’m not the only one here for you… There’s a surprise for Rach as well… Come on out Jason!" He yelled and Rachel’s face was priceless

"Holy Shit! Jason! I missed you so much" he came over and hugged her

"I missed you too…"

"Can you give me away at the wedding?" She asked…

"Anything for my baby sister" She started to cry but I walked over and wiped her tears..

"No! No crying! Wait till the wedding" she nodded and we were ready…

Skipping to the wedding…

Rachel’s Pov

I stood there waiting for my que and my brother was giving me away. My dad never really liked Chip so, he didn’t come. The bridesmaids and the groomsmen were walking out first… It was:

Ryan and his wife, then Colin and his wife, Heather and Wayne, Brad and his wife then… Jeff and Kim…

Before Kim left with Jeff she said to me “Don’t be nervous stare at Chip and you won’t be… Good luck! I love you Rach”

"Love you too…" They walked and I waited

"Jason?" I asked looking at my brother

"Yeah Rach?" He said looking down at me

"Don’t let me fall…"

"Never.." (Sorry… Twilight refrence)

I nodded and heard the music (bob was playing).. The doors opened and everyone standed.. I was starting to cry but I remembered what Kim said ‘Just stare at Chip’ I kept that repeating in my head.

I was walking down the Aisle and I was just staring at Chip. His smile was bright like a kid on christmas morning.. When we got there Jason gave me away and I held Chip’s hands…

"You look so beautiful" he whispered to me

"Thank you.. You look handsome" he nodded and winked while hearing the guy say some stuff

"Dearly beloved we are gathered here today for the marrage of Chip and Rachel…" Then he kept on talking and talking till it was our vows..

"Chip… Wow! Um, what can I say? You have been there for me through think and thin and has been there for me forever and always… I love you so much Chip and if it wasn’t for Kim taking me to the Karaoke bar… a while back, I would have never met you and I wouldn’t be where I am today, thank you for this awesome expirence Chip. It has been an honor… I love you"

Chip began to cry and say his

"Rachel… The love of my life, my best friend. You are everything to me, you have been with me forever and I never thought I was good enough for you… But, here we are and I want us to be together forever.. If there are fights, I want to get through them and forget about them, I want to grow old together with you and I love you with all of my heart…" I was crying… I felt tears coming down my face. He was wiping away and then he said "And I’m glad to officaly call you mine

"I now pronounce you man and wife… You may kiss the bride" the guy said… I went over to Chip and started to kiss him. He kissed back and it was fantastic! I felt sparks.. Everyone clapped and We pulled away, then Jeff and Kim said together

"To the Cake!" Everyone started to laughed and we walked to the party… Where another magical is going to happen

Ello Lovlies! How was Ch. 9 yeah… It was sweet.. And adorable. I try my hardest! Haha well, I have a question I want you to answer for me if you would… What do you think Rach ment by another magical is going to happen?

I already know… Because I’m writing it… But, I want to know if you guys have an idea! Also… Do you guys want a sequal to the story? If you do… I will work on it but, I’m just going to need ideas.. Alrighty answer that question and I’ll see you guys when I write Ch. 10 byes!!

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